Even if you know me well, you don’t know this

Those who know me know someone who is always laughing, really opinionated and frankly just a bit of a clown. I do however have a quite a dark side that keep safely locked away. I suppose one should be careful of those who are the most light hearted, cause the other side of the coin is oft the most dark. In this darker part swirls the pains of the past in and amongst a self as yet undiscovered. By no means am I afraid of this part, in fact I relish it. It more dimension to my personality,  it’s that part that allows me not to judge others and be more empathetic. It adds depth to the stories I tell. Those who know me don’t know that almost everyday I think to myself, am I a little crazy? Then I a consoled by remembering that crazy people don’t know their crazy.



Some Thoughts and Sound Experiment #3

Some Thoughts and Sound Experiment #3

My Creative Process


The creative process is defined as being the series of thoughts and actions that then lead to unique solutions according to Models of the Creative Process: Past, Present, 2010 and Future by Todd I. Lubart. The creative process also has a variety of meanings amongst various groups of people. This can be influenced by cultural references, geographical location and socio-economic status. In its most basic form, humans are constantly engaging in the creative process whether they are conscious of it or not. Whether they are performing mundane everyday tasks or participating in high-level cognitive activities. Trying out different methods and elements in order to reach the best solution. The process can be instant and inspired or laborious. One at times has to deal with a lot obstacles such as creative blocks and finding out ways to stimulate creative thought.


I personally go through peaks and lows. My creative process is influenced by my moods or external circumstances that affect my well-being. I do however have a variety of ways to stimulate creative thought. From free drawing, listening to or now recently making music or even conversing with those around me. I have a couple of philosophies that guide me; such as firstly Nothing is Too Random, everything can be used and built into an interesting idea. The art is in making the connections and building a story that is relatable or communicated to others easily. Secondly, Idle Hand are the Devil’s Workshop, always be making something to create those creative channels in your head. Staying out a creative rut requires one to keep making or doing. Boredom and being stagnant just leads to a whole lot of b…, but I digress. There is no Competitors only Collaborators, everyone who I come across who is better at me at something that I wish to learn or have an interest in is like a mentor. I learn all that I can and use the skills and acquired to create something unique to me. Generating ideas in the creative process requires that one build a culture of being constantly exposed to new and varied ideas. Opening your horizons.


So as a creative I have currently decided to explore the realm of multimedia. Having an interest in illustration, animation and audiovisual art. I have taken an extra interest in audiovisual art. I have been learning some skills in these fields and in my journey to creating my own audiovisual art. I have been looking for references that I can relate to. Specifically wanting to find audiovisual art created by black African women. After having conducted a fruitless search, I then widened my search to black women, then women and in general. I was more fortunate with the latter. This actually concerned me; did this mean that black African women or black women in general don’t make audiovisual art or are just not interested in the field? Do we just exist in the realm of the video ‘ho’ in a hip-hop music video? There are plenty spoken word or poetry videos by black women. I suppose this then starts to be more in the realm of what I was searching for. I however wished to go more into the landscape of visual art within fine art. Where multimedia is simply the medium, but still central to the piece. Fully exploring all its capabilities. I also interviewed a few people locally to see if they were knowledgeable about the subject and I realized that it is not a field that is necessarily focused on. There is definitely an issue with the lack of exposure and knowledge. Why isn’t there more out there and if there is, why isn’t it showcased and spread? DeWesternizing Media Studies, 2000 by Routledge, is of the opinion that continuing with the status quo where the majority of media society is exposed to is representative of just a small handful of Western societies is ridiculous in our currently globalized society. Factors such as the rise of the Asian economy and the emergence of alternative centers of media production to Hollywood, such as Bollywood and Nollywood, have most certainly created an awareness and demand for a different approach; one that is more inclusive and fully represents the reality and diversity of today’s modern and global society.


There is also not enough sharing and fear that one’s opinion is not valid because you may not have formal education on a subject. Ideas can come from anywhere and a variety of perspectives. With access to a variety of tools and technology there is really room to generate the content that we want to see out there. This is most certainly an avenue I wish to explore. Creating work that draws people in and causes them to try to engage. My explorations in trying to create my own audiovisual art has led my to learning new skills on how to play with various technologies to create interesting visuals and even breaking down elements of sound in music and playing around with how these can connect and effectively communicate whatever I wish to convey. It is most certainly my wish to continue with this avenue and see where it takes me. The search still continues.


Much Peace and Love and listen to the Soundcloud link to see where I am in my journey and just enjoy.

Keep watching this space

Ziphozihle Kati

Links to articles:

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William Kentridge

South African artist William Kentridge really makes his drawings come alive in animation. It is a really time intensive process and that’s part of what makes it so amazing. I would to do something like this with my own cartoon illustrations, but I am not sure I have the attention span. Also I am find my sound explorations much more engaging at the moment.

Shank Life, and exlporation in sound

Shank Life, and exlporation in sound

So I have not been feeling as inspired as I have been lately in a long while. That inspiration that can be felt physically in your heart and in your chest and for some even loins. In my search for audiovisual art and the elements that make it up, I have not necessarily explored with how much I can play around with sound. For some reason I had decided internally that trying to make my own music was something out of my abilities. I am no means saying that I am a musician extraordinaire, but I do know how the emotions I am trying to express in my art would sound like. So by playing around with the elements of sound I am now one an journey to convey thoughts through sound and that can help inform the visual choices I would make in any audiovisual art pieces I make in future. I am really excited as I am going into a realm that I didn’t think I could go into. I am likening it to an awakening of sorts, a creative rejuvenation. I imagine blood letting has a similar effect.